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Quark Map aims to catalog all of the Quark Coin related websites and store them in one easy to access database. Whether it is the lastest blog post you seek or the most recent exchange available, Quark Map will set you in the right direction. If your website is not listed on Quark Map, let us know. We will have it listed right away. Have a blast, make some money and don't get lost on the seven seas.


Quark Coin Exchanges

BTC38 - BTC38 allows direct Quark to CYN trades.

Coin Market - The first direct Quark Coin to fiat exhange to hit the market.

Cryptsy - Cryptsy allows direct Bitcoin to Quark Coin and Litecoin to Quark Coin transactions.

Bter - Bter allows direct Bitcoin to Quark Coin transactions.

Coins-e - Coins-e allows Direct Bitcoin to Quark Coin transactions.

Vircurex - Vircurex allows Direct Bitcoin to Quark Coin transactions.

Coined Up - Coined Up allows Direct Bitcoin to Quark Coin transactions.

BTC-8 - BTC-8 allows Quark Coin to CYN transactions.

Lilion Transfer - Lilion Transfer allows you to transfer your Quark Coin in to over 100 currencies.

The Crypto Currency Store - Buy quark coin at static prices at The Crypto Currency Store.

Beedui - A direct quark to CYN exchange.

Coin Swap - Trade your other coins for Quark Coin.

Vault of Satoshi - A Candaian exchange that allows direct Quark Coin to Fiat.

Quark Community

1. Official Web Pages

Qrk.cc - Qrk.cc is the official Quark Coin website.

Quark Foundation - The Quark Foundation is a non-profit organization that does a fantastic job supporting the community.

Quark Promotion - Quark Promotion is a nonprofit organization that raises quark to produce low cost infrastructure.

Quark Promo - Want to promote quark? Get you promotion material at Quark Promo.

2. Social

Quark Forum - This forum is an all purpose Quark Coin forum.

Quark Faucet - Earn free Quark Coin by typing codes at the first quark faucet.

Quark Coins - Quark Coins offers loads of information about quark coin.

Quark Coin Facebook - The largest Quark Coin facebook page.

Quark Coin Facebook #2 - The second largest Quark Coin facebook page.

Quark Coin Twitter - Quark Coins Twitter page.

Quark Coin Reddit - Quark Coins Reddit page.

Quark Coin IRC - Connect with member in the quark community on the official IRC.

3. News

Quark Coin.cc - A dedicated Quark Coin news blog.

Russian News Blogg - A dedicated Russian Quark Coin news blog.

Coin Desk - Search terms related to quark.

Quark Android New - An app you can use to follow the latest news on android.

4. Resources

Block Explorer - Track and manage your transaction with the quark coin block explorer.

Blockior. - A block explorer with all the bells and whistles.

Quark Caculator - Determine your the value of your Quark Coin with the Quark Caculator.

Quark Ticker for Android - A simple Quark Coin Ticker for Andriod.

Quark Ticker for IOS - A simple Quark Coin Ticker for IOS.

Quark Ticker for Google Chrome - A simple Quark Coin Ticker for Google Chrome.

Crypt Market Cap - This site allows you to track Quark Coin's growth and compare it to the growth of other coins.

Coin Market Cap - This site allows you to track Quark Coin's growth and compare it to the growth of other coins.

Bit Info Charts - Here you can find all of Quark Coin's stats.

Quark Charts - Quark Charts has a variety of Quark Coin tools.


Windows Wallet - The Quark Coin client for Windows.

Mac Wallet - The Quark Coin client for Mac.

Paper Wallet - Put your coins on a paper wallet, print it out and store it in your safe.

Mining Resources

1. Mining Pools

Ex_mac's Mining Pool - Mining Pool #1.

- Javabudd's Mining Pool Mining Pool #2.

P2P Pool - Mining Pool #3.

Feeleep's Mining Pool - Mining Pool #4.

2. Mining Tools

Windows CPU Miner For Windows 32bit.

Windows CPU Miner - For Windows 64bit.

Neisklar's Quark CPU Miner - Windows Miner.

Smolen's GPU Miner - GPU Miner.


Coin Payments - Through coinpayments.com you can accept Quark Coin on your website.

Quarks List - Trade you Quark Coins for goods with classified ads.

Quark Spend - Buy anything online with Quark Spend.

Keep it Wooden - Buy shotglasses with your hard earned quark.

51 Attack - Buy quark coin t-shirts at 51attack.com.

Bitcoin PR Buzz - A press release and advertising website that accepts quark.

WP Boys Web Development - Have a personal website designed to you with you quark.

Russian Library - Spend your quark at the Russian Library.

Itokri Craft store - Buy arts and crafts at Itokri.

Alchemist - Get gold plated I-Phones and More.

AVR/ARM Development Boards - Buy parts for your computer at AvR/ARM Development Boards.

Coinage Vend - A places to purchase quality items.

Brown Box Tech - Offering computer hardware and consumer electronics.

WROL - SURVIVAL SHOPs - Get your survival supplies at WROL.

Xbox 48 - Buy 48 hour Xbox live cards at Xbox 48.

Crypto Game Keys - Buy video game keys at crypto Game Keys.

The Broken Pickaxe - Offering services for Minecraft.

Consulting & Co. - Services all of your consulting needs.

iOS App Development - Have an app developed for you business and pay in quark.

Crypto Stickers - Have a custom crypto sticker printed and pay in quark.

Crypto Coin Stuff - Buy cryptocoin stickers at Crypto Coin Stuff.

Web Canvas - For all your graphic design needs.

Cryptocessories - Buy 3d printed Quark Coins at Cryptocessories.



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